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Those We’ve Lost

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We are proud to present our champions, multiple trophy holders, mothers and fathers of some of the best world breeds as they pass on. We have cherished memories of these beloved dogs as they touched us so deeply.

V Ziva vom Dortmunder, IPO 1 Kkl 

Born: March 15, 2014
: SV: HD a-normal (a1)
Elbows: SV: Normal (No changes)
DM: Clear for Degenerative Myelopathy

Ziva’s Parents:
Sire: VA (USCA & GSDCA-WDA) Harry della Real Favorita SCHH3 Kkl 1
Dam: V Narika vom Dortmunder IPO1 Kkl 1

V Narika vom Dortmunder IPO1 Kkl 1

Hips: A-Normal
Elbows: A-Normal

Narika’s Parents:
V-1 Ollright vom Thermodos BH, SchH 3, AD Kkl 1
Dam: V Eletta di Fossombrone SchH1 Kkl 1

Narika’s Show Record:
• 2010 VP3 Treasure Valley Working Dog Association
• 2010 VP2 High Plains Schutzhund

Narika is a daughter of our “Voxi” and has all the wonderful traits of her Dam. She is a nice, calm mother and has shown real potential. She is also the Daughter of V- 1 Ollright vom Thermodos SchH 3, Kkl 1 who is the 2011 Mid-Central Sieger V-3 (2nd all around place) USA Sieger Show.

V Eletta “Voxi” di Fossombrone SchH1 Kkl         

Hips: A-normal
Elbows: A-normal 

Voxi’s Parents:
V Xitus vom Murrtal SchH3 Kkl 1
Dam: Yuma vom Murrtal SchH1 Kkl 1

Voxi’s Show record:
• V3 High Plains Schutzhund Club

“Voxi” is one incredible Dam. She quickly won her way into our hearts. Her personality is so loving, attentive, calm, and she is a great mother. She is highly recommended for breeding by the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.

Dogs Are A Blessing In Our Lives. They Touch Our Hearts and Souls With Unconditional Love And Companionship. They Will Never Be Forgotten.